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The Spectacular Mid-Life Crisis of Charles Templeton Crocker– Part one

It was May of 1927. Templeton Crocker was 42 years old, the same age his father Col. Charles Frederick Crocker was when he died of Bright’s disease in 1897.


Queen of Bohemia, The Legacy of Aimée Crocker

New film release from Factual Creative and Director Noel Greaves-Lord, Queen of BohemiaThe Legacy of Aimée Crocker, looks at the remarkable life of the tattooed heiress. The stories of Crocker’s body art made headlines across America. It may have taken over 100 years for Western society to start accepting heavily tattooed women, but it was certainly Aimée who started the conversations that has inspired many strong and independent women of today to explore body art.

And I'd Do It Again Bookcover
And I’d Do It Again by Aimée Crocker, The Princess Galitzine

Today’s heiresses are boring: their idea of adventure is trying to sip a green juice while their lips are still numb from cosmetic surgery. (Oops—dribbled a bit on that Balmain dress!) Aimée Crocker, a San Francisco railroad heiress born in 1864, used her wealth to scandalize prudes and scald the bourgeois palate. Her 1936 memoir, And I’d Do It Again, describes her saturnalian adventures around the globe. Now it’s been reissued, and Libby Purves read it with relish:


Stargazing with Einstein

In the aftermath of the global “war to end all wars.” the splashy New York Times headline, “Lights All Askew in the Heavens…Einstein Theory Triumphs” captured the attention and imagination of the public. Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity had been verified